Former WWE Writer Talks CM Punk-Kevin Nash Angle, Who Was Going To Be The Anonymous GM

During CM Punk’s heyday in the WWE, he and Kevin Nash participated in a brief storyline including Nash attacking Punk, which led to Punk losing his WWE Championship to Alberto Del Rio. While the storyline did continue for some time and included Kevin Nash attacking both Punk and Triple H in the process, it fizzled out and never became much. According to one of the writers behind the storyline, however, it was always not very good.

Brian Maxwell Mann – a former writer for the WWE – took to social media to quote a video of Nash and Punk arguing. According to Mann, he was part of the team behind the storyline, and he said that the whole scenario “sucks” as a storyline. Mann went on to give a brief recap of what happened, essentially saying that the team worked on a three-month storyline between everyone that Vince McMahon reportedly lost interest in.

As for the mysterious anonymous general manager back then? Mann says that it was supposed to be Mick Foley. Of course, we’ll never know exactly what would have become of the storylines, but just knowing that there was some concrete plans behind it that couldn’t get finished is a bit disappointing, especially considering how popular Punk was at the time.