Teddy Hart Explains Head Scars, Blames CZW For Unprofessionalism

During a recent live discussion with The Hannibal TV, Major League Wrestling Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart was asked about his career and a multitude of other things, including being asked by a fan how he received scars on the back of his head. Hart went on to explain the story, revealing that he received them during a Combat Zone Wrestling match, and how unprofessional the organization was.

“Company called CZW – Combat Zone Wrestling – in Philadelphia,” he said. “But there was a promoter, owner, named John Zandig, who claimed when he asked me are we doing any weapons tonight, or tables or thumbtacks or gimmick stuff, and I said ‘Well my body’s a weapon, so I don’t think I need any gimmicks,’ I said just watch and see what I can do, and if the people at the end of the show are all standing up cheering my name and I’m more over than you are in your own company the first night, and I haven’t had to do anything crazy like light myself on fire or jump off of a balcony onto a table.” Hart went on to explain that there’s skills that require doing stunts like these, but he didn’t want his debut to be clouded by anything but his ability to wrestle.

When it came to his scars, Hart says it came from Zandig apparently losing his temper in the ring. “John Zandig became unprofessional in the ring, lost his temper … and all of a sudden attacked me, and … did a move to me, and dropped me on my head on a bed of nails that he wouldn’t bump on himself. And I happened to land on like, 15 nails, but only three cut me.” Hart explained that he believes the incident was a blessing to keep him on the planet, and to keep bringing fans passion and happiness.