Matt Hardy Says He Has To Make ‘Hard Decisions’ Soon, Wants To Return To Broken Universe

Matt Hardy recently took to social media to share a poll amongst fans, asking if they liked the Ultimate Deletion video that he and the WWE produced earlier this year. While the result was overwhelmingly positive, Hardy went on to say that he wants to spend his final years in the wrestling industry being as productive as possible, and would have some “hard decisions” in the coming months.

After a fan asked him to go back to being the Broken Matt persona, Hardy revealed that was his desire, and also revealed that he was able to use the persona in the WWE now that he owns it outright. According to Hardy, while he appreciates the WWE for giving him his first break, he’d love to continue being Broken Matt there, and seemingly wants to end his career portraying a character that became a fan favorite thanks to its wild stories and incredible persona.