CM Punk Has Altercation With Fan During MMA Show

During a recent mixed martial arts event, CM Punk nearly found himself in an altercation involving a fan who didn’t seem to happy with something. According to a report from Cageside Seats, Punk was calling fights at the Cage Fury Fighting Championships 77 in Atlantic City last night, when a fan seemingly got very close to the commentary table.

Following Christopher Daukau’s victory over Danny Holmes, a Holmes fan can be heard on video getting very close to the table, during which you can hear Punk telling him to back up. After the camera shifts back to the crowd, Punk can be seen trying to tell security what happened, and can be heard on the mic explaining himself.

“I’m sitting here with a headset and I’m doing my f***ing job, and he did exactly what you’re doing right now. He screams bull$#!+ in my face.” Punk is heard saying while his commentary partner, John Morgan, explains the situation. Punk even took to Twitter to briefly allude to the moment. Thankfully, this didn’t escalate into anything, but does go to show just how crazy some fans can be at certain events.