AAA Announces Key Matchups For ‘Invading NY’, Event Now Taking Place At MSG’s Hulu Theater

AAA has confirmed new details for their Invading NY event next month as well as a venue change for the show.

The show was originally scheduled to take place inside the main arena at Madison Square Garden, but it will now take place inside the building’s Hulu Theatre. The key matchups announced for the Sunday, September 15 event are as follows:

Reina de Reinas Championship

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Grudge Match – Hair vs. Mask 

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. 

“We are thrilled to bring the most popular Lucha Libre legends to fans in the Hulu Theater at MSG,” said Dorian Roldán, Director General of Lucha Libre AAA.   The New York event has moved to the more intimate Hulu Theater at MSG from the main arena. Roldán added, “We want to ensure the quality of the experience for our New York area fans and the Hulu Theater offers the kind of setting in keeping with many AAA extravaganzas. Every seat is up close to the action and less than 177 feet from the ring, so our fans will have the kind of exciting, personal experience they expect from AAA.”   Current ticket holders for “Invading NY” will be guaranteed a new seat assignment of equal or greater value than the seat they already purchased. 

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Tickets are now on sale for both the New York and the Los Angeles events and may be purchased at the box offices or online in Spanish or English at, or at, or 

Both events will be available live PPV worldwide on FITE through streamed video on demand via iOS, Android mobile, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU, and Amazon Fire, or from all cable and satellite TV providers on pay-per-view.

Earlier this year, Tessa spoke about what it would mean to compete at Madison Square Garden and teased a match with Taya. At the time, they were feuding over the IMPACT Knockouts Championship held by Taya, but this time around Tessa will walk in as the Reina de Reinas Champion: 

“I remember five years ago being in my hotel room in New York City, and I had the view of Madison Square Garden. I had a video where I said that I’m going to wrestle there someday, and never did I think that it would actually happen realistically, so it still feels a little crazy. Just standing in the Garden today, there’s an aura about that building that is just second to none.

One thing that I touched on at the press conference is Taya Valkyrie is the Knockouts Champion right now, but she wouldn’t be if it wasn’t because of Gail Kim. Taya’s never beaten me in a fair fight one-on-one, Taya’s always needed a stipulation or a special guest referee or something that puts the odds in her favor. Because I am a top athlete and because I am one of the best—if not the best wrestler in IMPACT Wrestling—I feel like they have stacked the odds against me a little bit in Taya’s favor. Maybe Madison Square Garden is the place that I take that title back.”

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