Social Roundup: Invisible Man vs. Invisible Stan, Ribera Beef, Stone Cold Smudge The Cat

The National Wrestling Alliance launched a store on their new website; fans can purchase items here.

A new GoFundMe for Jeremy Ganger, the professional wrestler and bouncer who aided victims fleeing from the recent shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Ganger was also recently invited to attend Starrcast III; the campaign has already met it’s $1,000 goal in one day but fans looking to further assist Ganger in his recovery can donate here.

Don West is featured in the following promo for today’s Starrcast III flash sale:

All Elite Wrestling’s roster recently got a chance to work out at the Jaguars’ facilities in Jacksonville; a full gallery is at this link.

Dave Bautista was not a fan of Chuck Taylor joking about the famed Ribera Steakhouse jacket in Japan, and asked him to delete his post.

(In the since-deleted post, Taylor had said: ‘I went to Ribera with goddamn Okada and they didn’t give me one of those coats that place can suck one’)

Hogan Knows Best, Chrisley Knows Best… Marty DeRosa with a good pro tip following this week’s news about USA Network’s ‘favorite’ family:

Game Changer Wrestling recently posted the following match for free featuring the Invisible Man versus Invisible Stan. (The 42 fans part in the Tweet is a reference to Jim Cornette’s recent rant against Mance Warner and indie wrestling)

The match that brought all 42 fans to their feet at #JJSB3 is now available to watch for FREE!

In related news (you can’t see me!), John Cena continues to be cryptic and weird in his Instagram posts, this time sharing a photo of Stone Cold… Smudge The Cat.

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