Samoa Joe Gives Prediction For Potential Brock Lesnar vs. Matt Riddle Fight

It’s no secret that Matt Riddle has voiced his desire to step into the squared circle with former WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. He wants to be the man to retire “The Beast” from pro-wrestling, which would no doubt give him some extra credibility in the eyes of the fans.

However, with both fighters having a pro-MMA background and impressive records in the world of mixed-martial-arts, a potential fight between them could be quite entertaining.

This is something that Samoa Joe talked about while doing a recent interview with the Gorilla Position podcast.

According to the former WWE United States Champion, he would take Lesnar to win over Riddle due to his size.

“Yeah, sure I would. Obviously, Brock has a big size advantage. Riddle’s very skilled, has great movement and he’ll talk trash in your face. It’s a tough call. It’s two different weight classes. Usually, you’re gonna fare for the heavier guy.”