Daniel Bryan & Rowan Force Buddy Murphy To Come Clean After He Loses To Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns went up against Buddy Murphy tonight on SmackDown Live, and Reigns made sure to remind everyone who’s yard it was, as he took Murphy down with a vicious spear to end the match. As Reigns continues to try and find out just who was behind his attacks, he took his frustrations out on Murphy, who was looking to make a name for himself with a win tonight. Unfortunately for Murphy, tonight just wasn’t his night, and Reigns came away with another big win for his SmackDown career.

After the match, Daniel Bryan & Rowan made their way backstage, where they wasted little time in assaulting Murphy. Demanding that Murphy tell the people that he lied about Rowan being behind the attacks on Reigns, Murphy eventually admitted that he did lie, but not after he was roughed up by both Bryan and Rowan.

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