Daniel Bryan & Rowan Deny Attacking Roman Reigns, Says They’ll Prove It Tonight

Daniel Bryan and Rowan made their way out to the ring tonight on SmackDown Live, denying any part in the attacks on Roman Reigns. While recent findings might point to Rowan as the culprit, the duo came out to defend themselves, saying that they’ll prove their innocence tonight as well.

“There is no question now that someone is out to get Roman Reigns, but we had nothing to do with the car accident and we had nothing to do with the horrific backstage incident,” Bryan said while taking to the microphone. “Despite Buddy Murphy falsely accusing Rowan and by association falsely accusing me, we had nothing to do with it. Buddy Murphy is a liar. I don’t blame Buddy Murphy because any of you would lie and cave if Roman Reigns had your face pressed against the wall. I do not blame Buddy Murphy. He had to give a name. The problem is, Buddy Murphy gave the wrong name. You all think that I did it!? You all think that Rowan and I did it!? You see, that’s what is wrong with all of you and that’s what is wrong with society. Somebody tells a lie, it gets spread on social media and it becomes the truth. Well, I hate to disappoint you but Rowan and I had nothing to do with these incidents and tonight we’re going to prove it.”

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