Booker T Talks Bray Wyatt And The Fiend, Says The Fans Will Win From It

Bray Wyatt’s “The Fiend” persona made a big splash at last weekend’s WWE SummerSlam, coming out in menacing fashion before taking down Finn Balor in a match. Speaking to ESPN 97.5 (via Reality of Wrestling) during a recent radio segment, WWE Hall of Fame superstar Booker T gave his own opinion on the match, and what Wyatt’s character could mean for the WWE.

“Now the demon must make a return,” he said, regarding Balor’s appearance as a more angelic figure at SummerSlam. “I see money here, man. I see so much money. I’mma tell you man, the fans, man, the fans are the ones that are going to win at the end of the day on this thing, because it’s about to get heated up.”

Booker T went on to describe that he thinks the fans will win because of the environment that the locker room is in. “The locker room is literally all about turning it up right now, and seeing ‘Hey guys, let’s see how far we can push ourselves, let’s see how far we can really, really go, as far as a unit.’ And that right there, that’s the love of the game that I love and miss so much.”

Going back to Bray Wyatt, Booker T spoke about how Wyatt’s skill at giving the audience just enough. “I think Bray is one of those guys that, he just knows how much to give you,” he said. “He’s not going to give you all of, you know, his full work, his full body of work. Some guys go out, and literally in 10 minutes, you’ll see their whole repertoire, I’m talking about everything from top to bottom. In that same 10 minutes with Bray Wyatt, you may see one-tenth of his full maximum capabilities.”

Needless to say, we haven’t seen the full extent of The Fiend just yet, and knowing Bray Wyatt, we may only just be getting started.