Johnny Gargano Responds to Criticism Of NXT TakeOver Toronto Main Event

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole put on one heck of a show during NXT TakeOver Toronto’s main event this past weekend, but not everyone came away fawning over it. Some complained that the match was too long, having been booked for three falls, and that it wasn’t as captivating as their previous matches.

One such complaint was made by Twitter user TheBarrylad, who compared it to the third episode of “Star Wars.”

Gargano wound up responding to the thread after the fan said that the match was seemingly made for Dave Meltzer, who also criticized the match. “The match was MADE for the fans in attendance who paid their hard earned money, were on their feet the whole time & seemingly enjoyed themselves,” explained Gargano in a reply. “But ya know … It’s all subjective anyway. Sorry you all hated it. No one is harder on themselves than I am. I’ll try to get better!”

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