WWE RAW Viewership Sees Big Rise After SummerSlam


As reported by ShowBuzzDaily, the average viewership for Monday Night RAW saw a big jump last night in the aftermath of SummerSlam. The rowdy Toronto crowd, full of lively fans that also attended the biggest party of the summer, helped to create a memorable episode of WWE’s flagship show that featured a heel Sasha Banks returning to WWE programming.

The final average figure came to 2.729 million viewers, which is up from 2.321 million viewers last week. This number was always expected to be a little bit higher than usual, but the fact that the viewership went up from hour one to hour two once again continues to be a good sign for the company.


  • 8pm – 2.772 million
  • 9pm – 2.820 million
  • 10pm – 2.595 million


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3.093 million – July 22 – 2019 High

2.125 million – June 10 – 2019 Low

2.729 million – August 12 – This Week