Bully Ray: Becky Lynch Needs Sasha Banks Right Now

One of the biggest angles on RAW last night was the return of Sasha Banks, who wound up getting into a brawl with Becky Lynch after attacking Natalya. One big fan of the angle was Busted Open Radio’s Bully Ray, as the former WWE star had high praise for it.

“Wasn’t there a time where Becky Lynch told Nattie, ‘You need me right now for your career?’ Well, I think Becky needs Sasha right now. Last night was a great first step. I think the angst and animosity was there. I thought she used the chair appropriately. We’ve seen so many people use the chair but last night there was something about the look on Sasha’s face that made those chair shots mean even more. When I saw Sasha smack Becky in the face, I knew damn well that they were going outside of the box.”

In fact, Bully Ray believes some of it was unscripted. “If I had to bet a dollar, nobody knew that was coming. Sasha didn’t think to herself backstage, ‘I’m going to do this and not tell Becky,’ and I’m sure Becky didn’t know it was coming. That smack woke Becky up and then she goes, ‘Where are your balls at?’ When you saw Becky kick back, that was an instinctual kick. That was I’m getting my ass kicked and need to fight back. That little moment in time right there made things very, very real. When Sasha walks away and you look at the smile on her face, you see a woman out to prove something.”

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