WATCH: James Storm Defends The National Title, NWA Announces Their Latest Signee

The following video features Jorel Nelson challenging James Storm for the NWA National Championship; the match took place at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Storm says he doesn’t ‘deserve’ this title—he earned it over 22 years of being away from his family, when he had no one getting his back. Storm says sooner or later, the NWA’s light will go out… sorry about your damn luck.

In addition, a mysterious promo and a voicemail also leads to the reveal that Ricky Starks is coming to the National Wrestling Alliance. Starks has made appearances in a number of independent promotions including Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Wildkat Pro Wrestling. He also made sporadic appearances in WWE as an enhancement wrestler, with his last appearance coming in a tag team loss against The Revival in January 2018.

Check out everything that unfolded in the video below:

Since defeating Colt Cabana for the NWA National Championship at Ring of Honor, The Outlaw James Storm has been making it clear he’s not with the National Wrestling Alliance.

James Storm returned to the NWA at Crockett Cup to make his mission statement known and that The NWA Officials didn’t want him to go after the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Now with NWA TV coming to Atlanta on Sept 30 and October 1, NWA National Champion James Storm is out to prove he’s not only the best wrestler in the National Wrestling Alliance but he’s taking no prisoners.

This match takes place from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood with James Storm vs. Jorel Nelson.

Join us in Atlanta for the National Wrestling Alliance return to producing its own series – September 30th and October 1st.

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