Sasha Banks Returns To RAW, Brawls With Becky Lynch And Shows Off Her New Blue Hair

Natalya came out to the WWE RAW crowd in Toronto and was talking about her SummerSlam loss to Becky Lynch. However, she refused to take anything back about what she had said about Lynch and that Lynch deserved to be called out on her antics.

That’s when Sasha Banks made her surprise return to WWE and went to give Natalya a hug. She then attacked Natalya, threw down her purple wig and displayed her new blue hair. She then threw Natalya into the corner and started damaging Natalya’s dislocated elbow. She then asked “How’s your daddy, huh?” to the downed foe before throwing her into the stairs ringside.

The attack was interrupted by none other than Becky Lynch. The two brawled their way out of the ring and then Banks threw the RAW Women’s Champ into the barricade. She then grabbed a chair and started to hit Lynch with it in her back until referees came down and broke them apart.