Dolph Ziggler Fakes An Injury, But Still Gets Tapped Out By The Miz

As promised, The Miz was ready to take on Dolph Ziggler on Monday Night RAW. However,  “The Showoff” didn’t have his usual swagger as he came into the ring as he was still hurt from getting demolished by Goldberg the night before.

“I hope you’re happy, Miz. You coward,” exclaimed Ziggler. “Everyone knows you didn’t have a chance against me at SummerSlam so you sic Goldberg on me, all part of your master plan because you’re a genius. You forgot. I got speared so many times yesterday … I cannot medically compete tonight. So your plan all goes out the window. Miz screwed Miz! You don’t get a match tonight.”

This was a fake-out as Ziggler then started to attack Miz before the match was started. After a commercial break, it was started and Ziggler had an early advantage due to his shenanigans. However, Miz battled back into the match and soon forced the tides to change. He then locked in a tight Figure Four lock that Ziggler was forced to tap out to.

After the match, Ziggler said that this was “merely a flesh wound” and told Miz that he’d never be as good as him. This led Miz to come back into the ring and hit a Skull Crushing Finale while he was cutting a promo.

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