Mark Henry On SummerSlam Main Event: Brock Lesnar Elevated Seth Rollins To The Highest Level

WWE SummerSlam was last night and the biggest match featured Seth Rollins conquering Brock Lesnar once and for all. The great SummerSlam main event has received a lot of praise and Henry owes much to it to the performance of Brock Lesnar. The WWE veteran says Lesnar proved himself as one of the greats and that he elevated Rollins to a superstar level.

“[People go,] ‘He can’t wrestle. He’s a guy that can bully people but can’t wrestle.’ You can put that s— to bed,” said Henry. “He performed at the highest level and elevated an opponent like anybody I’ve ever seen. You can put him up there with the greats because he helped catapult Seth into where he is today. That is not only being the champion but how we perceive him as a guy that’s double tough. You’ve got broken ribs, coughing up blood one week, and you have a performance like that? There was a point where Brock grabbed Seth and swung him around like he was a two-year-old child by the tape … he survived something that a lot of people would’ve tapped out. … Brock putting himself in a position for Seth to have success is an art.”

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