PCO: My Career Resurgence In 2018 Was ‘Literally Like Rocky IV’

Om a talk with Canada’s The Sports Network, Carl “PCO” Ouellet goes into detail about his career resurgence in pro wrestling. A former WWE Tag Team Champion in another life, PCO claims that his match at 2017’s Spring Break 2 was right out of the movies.

It will be really hard to recreate what happened there. It was literally like Rocky IV where Rocky goes to Russia and nobody likes him, but they like him coming back and fighting hard. That’s how it felt. It felt like when I walked in there, I felt like I was in Russia and by the end, I felt like I had gained the respect of every single person who was there.

The match (which saw PCO take on current WWE UK Champion WALTER) caught fire online and propelled him to where he is today, standing alongside Marty Scurll in Villain Enterprises. As a member of the ROH roster, PCO has won multiple tag championships and competed in 2018’s Crockett Cup. He even had a World Title shot against current ROH champion Matt Taven. “The whole organization is great. I’ve been treated really well and it’s just been a good, fun run so far.”

For their part, ROH seems happy with the partnership as well. ROH COO Joe Koff said this when asked about why they brought on the indie standout. “Why did we want him? Who wouldn’t want him? He is so unique. He is so professional. He is so smart that I think he epitomizes what professional wrestling is. For us not to have him, I think, would have been a bigger shame.”

For more, including a look at his out of the ring shenanigans, check out the full interview on TSN’s website.

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