WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/13/19)

Backstage, Bryan and Rowan corner Murphy. Bryan demands that Murphy tell everyone that he lied. Murphy doesn’t say a word. Rowan beats the crap out of Murphy. Murphy finally admits to lying.

Backstage, Reigns is looking for Bryan.

Randy Orton interrupts The New Day in the ring. Orton tells Kingston that he ran away from a fight in front of his family. Kingston is going to have to tell his children that he knows he can’t beat Orton. Orton says they should make tonight a six-man tag match.

The New Day vs. Randy Orton and The Revival

Orton tags out to avoid facing Kingston. Dawson and Wilder work over Woods. Woods surprises Wilder with a head-scissor. Dawson gets the blind tag. Wilder armDTs Woods. The heels take turns beating down Woods. Dawson sends Woods to the outside. Orton suplexes Woods onto the announce desk. After the break the beatdown of Woods continues. Woods manages to tag in Big E., who clears the ring. Dawson and Wilder DDT Big E. Kingston gets the tag. Kingston hits a chop off the top, followed by the boom drop. Orton almost RKOs Kingston. Kingston knocks Orton out of the ring. Falling star splash by Kingston. Dawson and Wilder Shatter Machine Woods for the win.

Winners- Randy Orton and The Revival

After the match, Orton RKOs Kingston. Orton deals out three RKOs to the New Day.

Backstage, Reigns finds Bryan and Rowan. Bryan demands that Reigns apologize. Reigns doesn’t. Bryan says they have been conducting their own investigation and they know who did it. Bryan will tell Reigns next week.


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