Becky Lynch: Not Enough People Are Stepping Up To ‘The Man’, There’s Too Much Talk About Feelings

Becky Lynch says too many potential challengers are talking about their feelings instead of stepping up to fight her.

Lynch spoke with Sky Sports ahead of her successful title defense against Natalya at SummerSlam last night, and said it’s a bit disappointing that she doesn’t have a bigger target on her back. ‘The Man’ says it’s mainly because too many challengers are complaining about their feelings on social media instead of making a run at her and trying to be in the same WrestleMania main event spot she fought for.

“I was going to say I have plenty of people coming for ‘The Man’—do I really? It’s kind of a disappointment. I don’t have enough people stepping up to ‘The Man’, stepping up to the top dog, stepping up to the one that proved that anything can be done in this industry. That we can achieve anything. That if you just put your mind to it, if you stop sitting in the back trying to be liked by everybody, then you can actually do great things in this business. You can change the game, you can change this industry, you can change the way people perceive this industry.”

Lynch said she proved anything is possible, and man, woman or child—she can say child because Nicholas was a tag champ—could change wrestling, but everyone is too busy complaining about their emotions in the fighting business.

“C’mon guys, let’s get out there and fight. This is the conflict business. And still—they’re still on Twitter, ‘oh, she said this, she said that, she said whatever.’ If you were actually smart, if you were actually intelligent, you would step up to ‘The Man’. You’d want to make money. you’d realize that I’m the freakin’ WrestleMania main eventer, you’d want to be there. You’d want to know that ‘maybe if I fight her I can be in the main event of WrestleMania,’ but instead, [it’s] ‘oh, my feelings are hurt, oh my feelings!’

We’re in the freakin‘ fighting industry, don’t be talking about your feelings! I don’t care about your stupid feelings. I care about making money, I care about getting these people that have paid money to come and see us get interested, give them what they want. But you want to talk about your feelings. Freakin’ feelings!”

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