Kofi Kingston Says Randy Orton Crossed A Line At WWE SummerSlam

Catherine Kelley caught up with Kofi Kingston after his WWE Championship title defense against Randy Orton went to a no contest, but for good reason in Kofi’s eyes. Kingston didn’t like how Orton stared down his family while on the outside of the ring and that fired him up enough to throw all caution to the wind against The Viper and give him a beat down he’d remember. Kofi said as much to Kelley, saying that involving family was “a line you just don’t cross”:

“I don’t want whoever I’m facing to even look at them. I don’t need Randy to bring his sinister attitude or whatever, don’t look in the direction of my wife, don’t look in the direction of any of my kids otherwise it’s going to be a problem, you know? Over everything. Above all of this. You start messing with my family I’m going to have to take it to a whole nother level so I mean that’s pretty much it.

Kofi went on to say that this feud is far from over.

“No, I think they’re definitely not over. 100%, because I don’t feel satisfied and again, I’m still kind of like, you know what I’m saying, like shaking a little bit cause I’m just angry, I’m furious and at the fact that he would even – there’s a line you just don’t cross, you know what I’m saying? No matter how personal this is between us, we all know as WWE Superstars here on the roster there’s just a line you don’t cross. My kids are three and six.”

You can watch the full WWE.com exclusive video below:

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton have been engaged in a deeply personal rivalry for more than a decade, and they may still have unfinished business after The Biggest Event of the Summer, but Kingston is willing to take things to another level after Orton crossed the line by involving his family.

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