Charlotte Flair Makes Trish Stratus Tap Out In Her Final Match

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus returned for one more match at WWE SummerSlam. She faced Charlotte Flair, who challenged the legend to a match a few weeks ago. Stratus proved she still had it but Flair emerged victorious when she made the legend tap to the Figure 8.

Early in the match, Stratus matched Flair’s every move. The Hall of Famer dove off the apron and landed some punches on Flair. The Queen gained control and threw Stratus into the barricade. Flair grounded Stratus in the ring and planted her with a suplex. The Queen maintained her momentum and disrespectfully mocked Stratus at every turn. The Hall of Famer rallied until Flair rocked her with a big boot. Stratus persevered and hit Flair with some chops. Stratus nailed a hurricanrana off the top rope for a near fall. Flair floored Stratus with another big boot for a near fall. Stratus put Flair in the Figure 4 and transitioned it into the Figure 8 but Flair escaped.

Flair barely kicked out after a Strausfaction. Both women exchanged strikes and Flair kicked out of a Chick Kick. The Queen put Stratus in the Figure 8 and Stratus had no choice but to tap out. The crowd thanked Stratus after the match.

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