Kevin Owens Cheats To Beat Shane McMahon

At WWE SummerSlam, Kevin Owens put his career on the line when he faced Shane McMahon. Before the match, McMahon named Elias the special guest enforcer. In the end, despite the interference of Elias, Owens, after hitting McMahon below the belt, hit him with a Stunner for the win.

Early in the match, Elias nearly caused Owens to get counted out. Elias’ distractions allowed McMahon to get some offense in but Owens countered with a somersault senton in the corner. McMahon threw Owens off the apron and sent him flying into the barricade. McMahon demonstrated his infamous striking skills to ground Owens. The former PrizeFighter nailed McMahon with a popup powerbomb but Elias prevented the referee from counting the pin. Owens considered hitting McMahon with a chair but he thought better of it. Elias distracted Owens but McMahon inadvertently struck the guitarist. Owens hit McMahon with aFrog Splash but Elias pulled the referee out of the ring. The PrizeFighter took out Elias and the referee with a cannonball and attacked Elias with a steel chair.  With the referee’s back turned, Owens hit McMahon with a low blow and dropped him with a Stunner to win the match.

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