Goldberg Dominates Dolph Ziggler At WWE SummerSlam

At WWE SummerSlam, Goldberg hoped to shut Dolph Ziggler up once and for all. The Showoff has been insulting Goldberg and other legends. Shawn Michaels was one primary focus of Ziggler’s anger but Goldberg got the chance to get his hands on the Showoff. Ziggler blasted Goldberg with two quick superkicks for near falls early in the match. But the legend countered a third attempt with a powerful spear. Goldberg picked Ziggler’s body off the campus and blasted him with a Jackhammer for a quick victory.

After the match, Ziggler said Goldberg doesn’t have the guts to fight him man-to-man. Goldberg stepped back into the ring and floored Ziggler with another Spear. Ziggler grabbed the microphone again and called Goldberg a laughing stock.  Goldberg marched back to the ring, picked Ziggler up and dropped Ziggler with another Spear.

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