Titus O’Neil Opens Up About His New Book, Religion, Gangs, More

titus o'neil

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WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil recently spoke with Fox News about his new book ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid’ about his turbulent childhood years to his current success as an accomplished WWE champion, philanthropist and entertainer. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

On why there is no such thing as a ‘bad kid’:

There is no such thing as a bad kid. You have kids that are in bad environments, bad influences, making bad decisions, and getting bad outcomes. You put those same kids in a great environment around great people and they will have a good chance to succeed. Go past the behavior and start looking at the root issue about why kids are acting a certain way.

What readers can learn from his new book:

Being raised by a single parent and also the steps my mother took to get into a better place. One decision she made has helped raised millions of dollars and impact many families. The people that have parted and invested into our families, I want those people to be highlighted because they exist everywhere in the world. Those teachers, coaches, and other people that put time into my life, they got me into a position where I was able to write this book.

How kids can avoid joining violent gangs like MS-13:

I think a lot of the reason why kids are joining gangs is because sometimes members are showing them more love and attention than those that are supposed to be raising them. I wish we would take politics out of education and after school programs. If they do not have any place to go after school, they will find themselves in a gang that will not be beneficial to society. You have a chance to one day be an example of what happens when you make the right decisions.

What role faith plays in his life:

I believe in God and I am perfectly fine with other people believing in something else or nothing at all. I think ultimately many people misconstrue what faith is really about. I think all religion is based on love and there is no way I will be able to put myself in a situation to help people if I condemn what they believe in. I’m not going to meet people with scripture I am going to meet them with love. Sometimes people do not want you to pray for them, they want you to listen to them.

Watch the full interview below. Give us your opinion in the comments below on what you think about what Titus is doing for the community.

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