Adam Cole Retains NXT Title In Brutal Main Event Against Johnny Gargano

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano put another incredible match into the history books, as they went at it to close off tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Toronto. In the best of three falls match, it was Cole who came away as the winner, retaining his NXT Championship while also putting on a great match for the fans. The match – which featured three different stipulations – started off in a 1 vs. 1 match, with Cole and Gargano both only allowed to fight each other in the purest form. However, Gargano ended up disqualifying himself, choosing to pull a steel chair out and assaulting Cole with it.

With Gargano disqualified, the second stipulation – a street fight – began, and Cole and Gargano quickly went to work using any and everything they could. The match made its way out of the ring, and even saw Gargano putting Cole through the announcer’s table with a back body drop. Once back in the ring, Gargano caught Cole in the Gargano Escape, and forced Cole to tap out to claim his first victory of the night and kickstart the third and final stipulation, a cage match. With a cage descending upon the two, it was announced that escaping wouldn’t matter, and that in order to win, a pinfall or submission would have to occur.

What followed was another incredible piece of wrestling from the two, with Gargano and Cole going at each other with kendo sticks, flying off of the top rope, and using many of the tools attached to the cage to try and win. Towards the end of the match, Gargano begun setting up tables to put Cole through, but it was Cole who would get the last laugh. After both superstars had climbed to the top of the cage, they both ended up falling off and through the tables. Unfortunately for Gargano, Cole landed on top of him, and with Gargano unable to do anything, Cole won via pinfall, retaining his belt in another epic match.

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