Firefly Funhouse Puppets Now On Sale, Velveteen Dream Tours The WWE2K20 Cocktail Party

Firefly Funhouse Puppets Now On Sale

Ahead of The Fiend’s first official match at SummerSlam this Sunday, WWEShop has stocked up with new merchandise from Bray Wyatt’s twisted kids show. His superstar page now features puppet versions of Ramblin’ Rabbit, Mercy The Buzzard (just listed as Buzzard for some reason) and the devil Boss character. They’re not full replicas of the characters, but instead affordable facsimiles.

You can also now purchase a Fiend mask replica and a copy of his Hurt/Heal gloves. Puppets are $35 each, the mask is $50, and the gloves are $20.

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Velveteen Dream Tours The WWE2K20 Cocktail Party

It was a pleasant surprise to see NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream hobnobbing with the wrestling elite in the recent “Cocktail Party” WWE2K20 commercial. In this behind the scenes tour, we see The Dream going over the detailed set as only he can. Keep a lookout for fun blink and you miss it details, like Sheamus’s King of the Ring cape and the WCW/NWO World Heavyweight Title.