ROH Summer Supercard Results (8/9/19)

Tracy Williams comes to the ring and tells Shane Taylor he’s still ready to fight. Hot Sauce wants his championship match right now.

ROH World Television Championship: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Tracy Williams

Williams chops Taylor in the corner but the champion rocks him with a forearm. More strikes in the corner firmly give Taylor the momentum but Williams puts him in an armbreaker over the ropes. Taylor catches a diving Williams and eventually clotheslines him. The champion throws Williams shoulder-first into the ringpost and tosses him into the barricade. He squashes Williams’ arm on the apron but Hot Sauce hits a Frog Splash for a near fall.

Taylor rocks Williams with a headbutt but Hot Sauce evades a splash. Williams locks in a Crossface but Taylor reaches the ropes. The champion drives Williams shoulder-first into the mat but Hot Sauce suplexes him off the second rope for a near fall. Williams can’t hit a piledriver and Taylor nails him with a knee to the head. Welcome to the Land gets Taylor the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

Colin: I wasn’t sure why this match was postponed and hed on the same show but the injury angle allowed these competitors to tell a good story and it protected Williams here.

A video package hypes up Joe Hendry’s arrival in ROH.

Caristico, Soberano Jr. & Stuka Jr. vs. Barbaro Cavernario, Hechicero & Templario

Silas Young joins the commentators before the match. Hechicero and Stuka Jr. start the match and exchange technical holds. They exchange chops and Stuka drops Hechicero with a backbreaker. Caristico hits Templario and Cavernario with some quick offense and Soberano Jr. hits a hurrincanrana. Cavernario hits Stuka with a kick and Caristico gets caught with a dropkick from Templario. He dives onto Stuka outside the ring and Templario dives onto Caristico.

Hechicero locks Soberano in a bearhug and slams him to the mat. Cavernario uses the ropes to add elevation on a running splash on Caristico. Soberano evades a double-team manuever and Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Cavernario. Caristico dives onto him outside the ring. Stuka flips Templario across thering and dives to the outside. Soberano dives onto Templario and Caristico hits a C4 on Cavernario for a near fall. Cavernario taps to an arm bar,

Winners: Caristico, Soberano Jr. & Stuka Jr.

ROH World Championship: Matt Taven (c) vs. Alex Shelley

The two men shake hands. They lock up, exchange holds and Taven slaps Shelley. They continue to feel each other out and Shelley taunts Taven by doing jumping jacks. Shelley counters the Climax twice and gets a near fall. Shelley does a Ric Flair strut an grounds the champion with a chin-lock. Taven drops Shelley face-first onto the apron but the challenger nails the champion with a flying knee. Shelley throws a sleeping fan’s shoe at Taven and spits water in his face. Taven counters Sliced Bread off the ring post and slams Shelley through a table.

Shelley almost gets counted out but he makes it back into the ring. Taven plants Shelley with a backbreaker for a near fall. The champion grounds Shelley and stretches him over his knees. Two more backbreakers get Taven a near fall. The champion locks in the Boston Crab but Shelley reaches the ropes. A swinging neckbreaker gets Taven another two count. Shelley hits a slingshot DDT from the apron to the floor. The challenger drives Taven face-first into the barricade and hits a standing Sliced Bread onto the barricade. Taven dives over the barricade onto Shelley. The challenger counters a Frog Splash and plants Taven for a near fall. A superkick drops Taven and another one rocks him, too. A Sliced Bread gets Shelley a near fall. He locks in a Motor City Stretch but Taven gets out of it and nails Shelley with a knee. Shelley counters one climax and kicks out of another. A second Climax puts Shelley away.

Winner: Matt Taven

Taven trash-talks the fans after the match and lists the names he’s beaten. RUSH comes to the ring and stares Taven down.

Colin: Most of Taven’s PPV defenses this year have been fairly dry so he needed a good, exciting match here. As a result, Shelley was the perfect opponent. His comedy early on and his crisp, quick offense make this Taven match feel more dynamic. Taven looked good here and this defense might just turn around the perception of Taven’s reign as ROH World Champion. RUSH should be an even more exciting opponent because he’s been one of ROH’s hottest stars this year.

Ladder War for the ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (c) vs. The Guerrillas of Destiny 

A video package recaps the feud between the two teams. Tanga Loa and Jay Briscoe swing chairs at each other. Mark and Tama Tonga do the same. Mark dives onto Tama Tonga. The four men continue to brawl at ringside. The Briscoes hit Tama Tonga with chairs but the Guerrillas take control after Jay gets floored with a chairshot. Tanga Loa hits Mark and Jay with a chair. Tanga Loa slams Mark through a table. Mark dives onto Tanga Loa and Jay grounds Tama Tonga in the ring. Mark suplexes Tama Tonga through a table.

Jay slams Tanga Loa through a table, too. Tama Tonga kicks Mark into the crowd and Tanga Loa flips Mark onto a chair. Tanga Loa suplexes Mark on the floor. Tama Tanga sends Jay face-first into a chair and he’s busted open. Mark’s bleeding, too, and Tama Tonga slams him onto a ladder.  Mark hits a blockbuster on Tanga Loa through a table. Jay and Tama Tonga exchange strikes in the ring. Jay floors Tama Tonga with a clothesline. A Jay Driller through a table puts Tama Tonga down. Mark throws a ladder into the ring but Tanga Loa slams Jay onto a ladder. Mark hits Tanga Loa with a chair and DDT’s him on the floor. Mark dives off a very tall ladder and hits a Fros Splash on Tanga Loa through a table.

Tama Tonga hits a diving cutter, off a ladder, on Mark. Jay and Tama Tonga exchange strikes on top of a ladder. Jay knocks Tama Tonga off the ladder and retrieves the belts.

Winners: the Briscoes

Colin: Another rivalry match, another disappointing finish. Just like the Castle/RUSH match, it’s likely this bout marks the end of the feud between these teams. If that’s the case, you’d hope for a more dynamic ending, especially because this closed the show.

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