ROH Summer Supercard Results (8/9/19)

Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal vs. Lifeblood (Bandido & Mark Haskins)

All four men shake hands to start the match. Gresham and Haskins lock up and Haskins takes the Octopus down. Haskins wins the second lock-up and nearly pins Gresham. The Octopus gains the upper hand and plays to the crowd. Both men quickly counter each other and the match is a stalemate. The legal opponents shake hands and Gresham arrogantly breaks it.

Lethal and Bandido tag in and the crowd cheers for both of them. The two men lock up and taunt each other. Bandido and Lethal counter each other with fast offense and the match remains a stalemate. They shake hands again but Bandido tags in Haskins and Lifeblood double-teams Lethal. Bandido rocks Lethal with a kick to the face. Lethal tries to rally but Haskins maintains control. Gresham tags in and hits Haskins with a German suplex. Gresham grounds Haskins and tags in Lethal, who tosses Haskins into the air and lets him fall. Bandido tags in and, when he tries to bounce off the ropes, Gresham pulls them down, sending Bandido to the outside.

Gresham tries to get a chair but Lethal takes it away. The two men argue until Gresham shoves Lethal down and Haskins dives onto the former world champion. Bandido hits a Frog Splash but Gresham breaks up the pin. Gresham and Lethal double-team Haskins. Lethal puts Haskins in the Figure 4 until Bandido powerbombs Gresham onto Lethal to break it up. Gresham steals Bandido’s taunt and he gives it right back. Bandido plants Lethal with a 21-Plex and Haskins locks in the Sharpshooter until Lethal taps.

Winners: Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Bandido)

    Colin: This match was pretty solid but it marks the second time Gresham has practically turned heel without going all the way with it. He cheated to beat Silas Young at Best in the World, which seemed to suggest a heel turn. But here, by threatening to hit the fan-favorite Bandido with a chair and actually shoving Lethal, Gresham looks like a bad guy. Yet he continued to work with Lethal for the rest of the match. It feels like this match would have been the perfect opportunity to fully turn Gresham. 

ROH World Television Championship: Shane Taylor vs. Tracy Williams

Williams comes to the ring and he gets attacked by Flip Gordon. The match never starts and Riccaboni says it’s been postponed.

No Disqualification Match: Dalton Castle vs. Rush

Castle has two new “boys” with him as he walks to the ring. His sidekicks are wearing cow masks and Castle dons a matador hat. He attacks the boys once he gets in the ring. RUSH floors Castle with a strike and he doesn’t let up; he floors his opponent with several more strikes to begin the match. RUSH grounds Castle and poses on top of him. An armbar over the ropes leads to another pose from RUSH, who’s wiping the floor with Castle early on.

Castle walks away but RUSH chases him down. They brawl throughout the arena and RUSH hits Castle with a trash can. RUSH chokes Castle with a wire and, back in the ring, stomps him in the corner. Castle hits RUSH with a riding crop and finally gets some offense in. He throws a chair at RUSH and drives it into his throat. Castle dropkicks RUSH out of a chair and steals RUSH’s taunt. A German suplex plants RUSH on the floor. Castle dumps RUSH into the crowd. RUSH eventually fights back and drops Castle with a knee to the head. He powerbombs Castle onto a table and throws a chair at him. Castle hits RUSH with a trash can but a German suplex spikes Castle on his head. RUSH hits the Bull’s Horns for the win.

Winner: RUSH

Colin: The feud between RUSH and Castle was one of the main programs going into this show. But, unfortunately, this match never hit that next level and it ended anti-climactically. Riccaboni made it seem like RUSH will move onto new things, which makes this ending even more disappointing. 

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