Jerry Lawler Delivers A Piledriver To David Arquette Ahead Of Tag Team Title Match At NEW Prison Break

Now only does Jerry Lawler continue his broadcasting duties with WWE when needed, but he still stays competitive on the independent scene at the age of 69. The WWE Hall of Famer is currently a tag team champion in Northeast Wrestling alongside local star Keith Youngblood, and they’re set to go up against former WCW Champion David Arquette and King Brian for the belts.

In the promo video embedded below, you can see Jerry trying to talk David Arquette down from an enraged state. As is often the case with The King, David pushed Lawler too far and found himself the victim of a piledriver in the middle of the ring.

The video also features a rather broken promo aimed at Lawler by King Brian and Jerry retaliating by claiming that Brian has a “dime store crown.” The tag team title match is going down Friday, August 16 in Poughkeepsie, New York as part of the Prison Break event. The show also features Jon Moxley taking on Pentagon Jr. and will broadcast live over the Internet via iPPV.

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