Natalya: Jim Neidhart ‘Loved Filming Total Divas,’ Says ‘He Was Just Such A Ham’

Speaking with Global News in Canada, Natalya Neidhart had plenty to share about both her upcoming SummerSlam appearance and her time on Total Divas. Concerning the latter, she fondly remembers the time spent filming with her father, who passed away a year ago this month.

My dad and I loved filming together. He was just such a ham. He loved being in front of a camera. We were very similar but we shared the same bond in wrestling.

He loved filming Total Divas. I never told him what was happening. I never looped him in or smartened him up to anything, I just let it roll. And he was just so spontaneous and awesome.

This time last year at SummerSlam, Natalya was performing in tribute to her father and wearing his jacket. This year, she’s in her home country going after championship gold. Natalya knows how important that is. When asked about her opponent Becky Lynch, she says that she’s confident that Becky will tap in the Sharpshooter. “It’s going to be unbelievable to be able to beat her in my home country and to take home gold in Canada.”

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