Triple H On Rumors That NXT Is Headed To FS1, The Rock’s Daughter, And Future Of WWE Network

Triple H gave a pre-TakeOver interview prior to NXT’s big event this Saturday where he took questions from the media. During the conference call he discussed the future of NXT television, The Rock’s daughter, and how the WWE Network will continue to evolve.

Check out some highlights below:

On the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Show and the future of the WWE Network:

As you’ve seen the new rollout of the Network stuff and plans for the Network down the line. EVOLVE shows, different shows, brands we have alliances with, they’ll factor into the Network in a big way. EVOLVE show was great. Obviously a huge deal for a bunch of young talent that are trying to make a name for themselves. … If you want to be a WWE superstar then EVOLVE is a place you should be trying to get to much like PROGRESS, ICW, WXW … It was a grand slam.

You’re going to see a lot more of that as time comes, the WWE Network will be the one stop shop for everything you could ever need and want in the industry.

The future of NXT on television:

There’s always a changing landscape. The internal discussion of where content goes is a constant … whether that be television, Facebook, USA, FOX. Then there’s our digital presence … so digital and where you put things out in that manner, and then VOD and our network.

There are plans over the short run and the long run but it’s constantly being evaluated. The reason I talk cryptically about NXT is because there’s a lot of exciting thoughts out there but we’re constantly debating where things go and land. They all effect each other and you want the right amount of stuff on each piece of the wheel. When it comes to NXT growing as a brand, there are a lot of options. … I’ve seen a lot of FS1 [rumors] and counter programming talk, we have content all over the place. If people want to talk counter programming, Wednesday has been the home of NXT forever. When other people announce Wednesday, you don’t hear talk about counter programming, you just hear an announcement. … We worry about our programming.

On Simone Johnson training in NXT:

Obviously it’s Rock’s daughter but I will say that she shares her father and entire family’s passion for what we do. Incredibly so. She also shares her family’s incredible work ethic much like they do … the nut didn’t fall too far from the tree. It’s awesome to see that next generation come in. … Very cool and she’s an extremely hard worker. If she wants this, much like her dad, there is nothing that will stop her.