Alison Brie On New Season Of GLOW, Possibly Wrestling For WWE & Her Wrestling Training

The third season of GLOW is almost upon us, as pro wrestling fans prepare to dive back into the world of this intriguing series. Prior to that, however, GLOW star Alison Brie spoke with UPI in an interview that gave fans an interesting insight into her personal thoughts on the business and whether or not she could see herself actually competing in the ring.

On the new season of GLOW:

Overall it’s a very sexy season. The whole cast, all of the characters, are really embracing what it means to be in Las Vegas and the idea of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

It’s a real departure for our show, and you’ll see a lot of the characters kind of trying on new identities.

On recovering from wrestling training:

I just live in a state of total body soreness all the time, so that’s what led to me using CBD. It has been a really helpful way for me to maintain balance, health and to help with my full recovery.

On possibly wrestling in WWE:

I would be game to get into the ring and do something with them. I have such a respect for what they do, but I feel like my contribution would be minimal in comparison.

Those women who wrestle for WWE are a league of athlete that is far superior to what we’re doing on the show. I feel so proud of the moves that we learn, and we legitimately do our own stunts. We put a lot of work into learning these wrestling moves really accurately and we do them well, but what those women do is total insanity. It’s just elite athleticism.

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