Triple H On WWE Succession Plans, Why He Wasn’t Up For Executive Director Role

Triple H gave a pre-TakeOver interview prior to NXT’s big event this Saturday where he took questions from the media. During the conference call he discussed WWE succession plans, why he didn’t get the job that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are fulfilling, and his thoughts on working with them.

Check out highlights below:

On if he was up for the positions that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff got:

No, you’ve got to understand the way it’s laid out. Their scope of what they are doing is very specific to their shows. While I’m still at those shows, many weeks, due to my schedule, I can’t be at every RAW or every single SmackDown. The scope of the things that I do is way beyond that with live events, creative … it’s shirts and billboards, where everything else goes in the world. … The Talent roster continues to grow and talent development continues to grow. As we expand with globalization and performance centers, there are only so many hours in the day.

On the new Executive Director roles:

I’m thrilled. I already see the positives in the changes … a lot of it comes down to organizational processes. Having someone to spearhead that process is very helpful and smart. I’m thrilled it is those guys and I think they are going to knock it out of the park. I’m excited to work with both of them. I’ve been working with Heyman for a while. It’s the first time I’ve worked with [Bischoff] in this manner so far. It’s an exciting process.

What WWE’s succession plan is:

In any company of this size, you have to have succession plans and next level of where you want to go. I think people get caught up in just the product that gets put out there. ‘Oh, it’s just RAW. It’s just SmackDown.’ There is no heir apparent. First of all, anyone that thinks Vince is stepping away — he’ll probably outlive all of us. His mom is in her late 90s and still running around. He’s got the genes. There are succession plans but they change on the regular because this company changes on the regular. This is a totally different place than it was five years ago. There are a lot of different factors that go into that … it’s a constantly evolving thing. All of us [are] constantly looking at … people that can step up.

If we’ll get the dream match between the two four horsewomen factions:

I don’t think it’s outside of being a reality. Everybody is sort of doing their own thing at the moment. Bayley is a champion. Becky is a champion. But at any time, that grouping can get back on the same page. You’ve got Ronda taking a personal break but she’s been clear about her passion for WWE and her desire that she has more to prove. When you take a talent like Shayna that came in just getting started in her WWE journey … to see where she has come in a short period of time … and how quickly Marina and Jessamyn have become pretty decent performers in their own right … yeah, I’d like to see that. When the time is right, you never say never. I’d love to see that.

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