Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive – WWE Elimination Chamber (Photos)

On this week’s Collector’s Corner we take a look at the brand new Ringside Collectibles exclusive WWE Elimination Chamber playset!

If you missed out on the old Jakks and Mattel ones you will definitely want to pick this one up, especially since it’s the modern style!

The Packaging

This playset is massive and it’s actually not even Authentic Scale, meaning properly scaled to the Elite figures, but rather was designed for the Basic figures. We’ll get into that shortly, but regardless this playset is huge.

It comes in a giant box and features an exclusive AJ Styles basic style figure in a white attire. What’s most interesting about the box is that it has multiple languages on it, something you rarely see on USA WWE figures and products.

The back of the box showcases more of what you can do with the set and how you can wrestle inside with the figures.

AJ Styles

Before we get into the chamber we’ll take a look at the exclusive figure that comes with it. This AJ looks like several of his other figures as of late, but at least features a unique attire that stands out from all the others. The white and black attire may be simple but it looks nice. There’s plenty of details on his tights, yet he is missing his elbow pad logo. He also features his abdomen tattoo, which is a nice touch. It’s not AJ’s latest head scan unfortunately but the figure still looks pretty nice and is great for anyone who loves collecting all things AJ Styles.

The Elimination Chamber

Now, to get into the Chamber you’ve been waiting for. This thing is pretty big but it only fits basic style rings, the much cheaper rings, than the Authentic Scale ones like the RAW and SmackDown Live rings that released not long ago.

The Chamber is relatively easy to assemble. You have to build the ring, which comes with stickers. I didn’t apply the canvas sticker as that, to me, is not realistic or authentic to a WWE ring, but you can add that if you want. It took me about a half hour or so to assemble being there’s a lot of pieces.

The Chamber is not attached to the ring, making it easier for storage and allowing you to put whichever basic ring you want in there. If you wanted to put it with an Authentic ring you’d have to disconnect the platform pieces and create the illusion it was closed.

You can open the sides of the chamber as well as the roof, which both also fasten close if desired, allowing you to get in it easier for play purposes, or if you’re a photographer like me you can pose the figures a lot easier that way. There are 4 chamber pods, which have “glass” windows and doors to create a realistic look. The side “glass” pieces slide open, allowing you to have your figures walk out once they’re buzzed into the match. The outside of the pods on the outside of the Chamber are wide open, making it easier to put figures in it. This obviously ruins the realistic look of the Chamber but makes it easier to play. You can see it more in-depth in my video review below.


Overall, the Chamber is a nice piece for anyone who doesn’t have a Chamber or simply wants the latest version of it. You can fit Elites and Basics into the Chamber as well as the pods as the pods are tall enough to fit guys like Undertaker and Kane, to say the least.

Unfortunately it is not truly scaled properly as one like that would probably cost a lot in this day and age but it’s still a nice piece and probably the closest we will ever get to one. I recommend picking it up as you most likely won’t see it in stores being it’s a big box item. Get yours now on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

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