NWA Was In Talks With Turner For A TV Show, Plan Was Always To Bring Back Studio Wrestling

NWA Vice President David Lagana was on Busted Open Radio to talk about their upcoming television show. It will be quite different from other wrestling companies as it will be a throwback to the studio shows from the past. He also revealed that they were in talks with Turner in 2017 but they fizzled out after the AT&T merger.

“We want it to be as close to Georgia Championship Wrestling and the Techwood show,” said Lagana. “Full disclosure, Billy and I met with Turner back in December of 2017 … to explore doing this show. They called us and wanted to have us produce a studio wrestling show for Bleacher Report Live. Ultimately when the merger with AT&T happened everything was put on hold and they went with AEW, which is awesome and a much more blown out show for cable.

“Our goal was to bring back studio wrestling. We looked at the same room they did Georgia Championship Wrestling and where they did the old 6:05 show … the place we secured is very close and it’s literally on the same street. It’s gonna be really cool and intimate thing, there won’t be more than 200 people there. That will be a great audience, it’s history … we see this as a real opportunity to put back in the talents’ hands a chance to sell tickets and convey their message.”

Check out the full clip below:

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