GLOW’s Rebekka Johnson On Exploring New Dynamics In Season 3, Which WWE Women Would Fit In With The Show

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Rebekka Johnson recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard ahead of GLOW‘s third season premiere on Netflix today. Johnson plays Dawn Rivecca, aka “Edna Rosenblatt” of the Beatdown Biddies on the show, and she spoke about the expectations for the show heading into another year and where the characters are in their lives.

“I think that people shouldn’t expect to learn more about the character’s relationships with each other. I feel like you get to see some of the characters that, maybe you saw them a little bit, you get to see them a little bit more, we’re delving into more of the romantic relationship that were set up last season. Just finding out new layers about all of us. There are some episodes where we’re just literally just hanging out with each other, getting to know each other really well. You get to see how their friendship has changed by them being in a new city. And the difference in performing a show for television as opposed to performing the same exact show eight shows a week. The difference that type of performance takes on like their bodies and their minds, the dynamic between all of them.”

Outside of the show, Johnson is part of a comedy duo with co-star (and fellow ‘Biddie’) Kimmy Gatewood. She says they originally got paired off in filming early on since their characters are a tag team on the show, and also noted how close they are in real life. Johnson also noted the new season has been fun because it allows them both to grow as actresses and start working more closely with the other girls, which includes some fun role-reversals in season three.

“When it started Kimmy and I, we were constantly together in every scene and out of every scene. And Kimmy and I spent a lot of time together in general. Our kids are the same age and they’re best friends. We also write together outside of GLOW, she has directed my short film—we spend a lot of time together. Over the course of the seasons, they’ve started sometime putting us in scenes with other people. Sometimes they block us in parts where we’re standing in two different parts of the room. We had to get used to playing, not only ourselves as actors, get used to playing with other people, but who is Dawn when she’s with Ronda, whose Dawn when she’s with this person? And the same with Stacey, and that gets explored even more when the season goes on, and we start getting to wrestle with new people. So it was fun, season three, to figure out who I was as an individual in terms of my character because we were so connected. Really you start to see what’s different about them even though they’re always going to be best friends.”

The GLOW cast was seen on WWE SmackDown Live ahead of last year’s season two premiere, and they got to interact with the women of WWE. Since there have been a number of wrestling cameos on the Netflix series already, Johnson was asked which current performers that she’s interacted with would be good candidates for a cameo on the show. She said Lana and Naomi made sense, as well as ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch.

“Well, I do think, when we were talking to Lana, she was like ‘I am so Ruth, that’s exactly who I am.’ She was saying that backstage. And it would be pretty fun to see her if she was doing a Russian character just to have that crossover, and also Naomi just because of [her ‘Feel The GLOW’ catchphrase]— a crossover would be really fun. Although, I think, in terms of wrestling, I’d be pretty scared to wrestle them, because they’re true badasses made of only muscle, and I only have two muscles, and get through it somehow. But I’m definitely in awe of Becky Lynch as a wrestler, and I think ‘The Man’ would be amazing in the middle of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.”

Johnson then joked about being able to stand toe-to-toe with Lynch on the mic, but said she’s not looking to get into the ring with her any time soon.

“I think I can take her in that department. Just, I can throw some insults down, as long as she stays away from me physically. I’d need a bodyguard.”

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Check out the full interview below; GLOW season three is available to stream worldwide on Netflix today.

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