Andrade vs. Aleister Black: NXT Takeover: New Orleans, Triple H Hypes Prime Target


Andrade vs. Aleister Black: NXT Takeover: New Orleans

As a pure piece of entertainment, you aren’t going to find many matches better than Andrade vs. Aleister Black from Takeover: New Orleans last year. These two men fought tooth and nail in order to try and walk away with the NXT Championship, which was the eventual prize for the victor.

WWE has uploaded the full match, as we get closer and closer towards Takeover: Toronto which goes down this weekend.

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Triple H Hypes Prime Target

The WWE Network is great for new shows and introducing some fresh ideas into the product, and that’s exactly what WWE continues to do. An episode of Prime Target will be going out prior to Takeover, with none other than Triple H taking the time to tell fans why he felt like they should tune in.

Either way, though, this isn’t the worst endorsement in the world.