Steve Austin On Becky Lynch, Paul Heyman’s New Role, All Elite Wrestling, His New Show


Stone Cold Steve Austin has been doing the media rounds in recent weeks, as he continues to promote his brand new Straight Up Steve Austin show. Stone Cold is returning to our screens after spending a year or two outside of the spotlight, but now, it appears as if he’s more than ready to dive headfirst back into the madness. During this interview with Bleacher Report, the Texas Rattlesnake opened up about a series of different issues as the release of his new show awaits.

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On what he learned about Becky Lynch:

I found out that she was more confident than what I originally thought. She is more charismatic than I first thought. She has broken so much ground with this “Man” character and how she came up with it. She’s very spontaneous and very quick—not just with an answer, but with a well-thought-out answer. I love that she stays composed. Her passion for the business rivals mine. And that’s not something I often say.

Her episode was one of my favorites of the new show. Becky Lynch is the real deal. She’s a woman, but she’s The Man.”

On Paul Heyman’s new role on RAW:

I have been traveling extensively since I went to do the Raw Reunion in Tampa, so I haven’t been able to see Paul Heyman’s fingerprints on the show yet. But I did see him right before I went down [to the ring] to see the crowd in Tampa. And he just told me to knock ’em dead.”

On All Elite Wrestling being competition:

“Good! I love competition, and Vince [McMahon] does too. A lot of my friends are over there, and it gives people who aren’t with WWE the opportunity to be employed and have a job. I see it as nothing but positive. We’ll see how they do.”

On Straight Up Steve Austin show:

“It’s me hanging out with celebrity guests. I take them into my world; they’re spending a day with me. And I find out who they are and what they did to be successful. So it’s not just me straight up grilling someone. It is an interview, but it’s also trading stories.”