Daniel Bryan Rebukes Buddy Murphy’s Accusations Against Rowan (Video)

When asked backstage at SmackDown about Buddy Murphy’s accusations against Rowan, Daniel Bryan was enraged for his partner. He told a reporter that the only reason Buddy talked about Rowan was because of the actions of Roman Reigns. Bryan asked the reporter how he would feel if his head was pinned against the wall, implying that if Roman hadn’t smacked Buddy around, then Buddy wouldn’t have been forced to produce a name.

Roman Reigns is seeking out an attacker who has tried to injure him via falling scaffolding and a vehicular hit and run on recent WWE shows. Going into SummerSlam, the “Big Dog” doesn’t have a match, but this may change in the coming days according to some backstage reports. Daniel Bryan has advertised a “career-altering announcement” for several weeks without delivering, casting suspicions on his actions since losing the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

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