Booker T Hopes Matt Riddle Has A Great Career, Says Challenging Chris Jericho To A Fight Wasn’t Wise

Booker T was on his weekly episode of “The Hall Of Fame” with Brad Gilmore and he took to the airwaves to address Matt Riddle’s recent comments regarding fellow WCW alumni, specifically him and Chris Jericho.

Booker stated that he personally doesn’t know how to feel about Riddle’s comments regarding him, but figured Jericho was just being helpful in his “learn, kid” comments. Booker later goes on to talk about that long road of relationships that wrestlers go on throughout their careers and how it’s the very same road you have to go back down at the end of line.

“And my thing is it’s kind of hard for how should I take it. Me personally, I know if I was a young guy in the business and someone like Chris Jericho gave me a little bit of advice, Someone like Chris Jericho, I mean be that as it may as to where the guy’s working at right now, but if Chris Jericho was to give me words of advice, he might be one of the guys to listen to just because of the career that he’s had. I mean Chris Jericho has been one of those guys to have been – not the biggest guy in the locker room – but when Chris Jericho went out there and performed, he worked 6’4″ tall, he was 250 pounds. That’s the way he worked. That’s why Chris Jericho rose to the level of success that he did.

I don’t think Chris was shooting at him or coming at him or anything it just sounded, very very simple. When guys back in the day didn’t know their role, they didn’t last very long in the business. My thing is this: Hopefully Matt Riddle will go on and have a great career, but in the octagon calling guys out to fight, it may be wise, but out in real life, calling out a man out to a fight, it’s just not wise because fighting these days is not something men do outside the octagon. People get hurt really bad so the guy could have a great career, hopefully he will, we’ll see. We’ll find out, in the long run.”

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(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo at WrestleZone)

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