Social Rundown: Ruby Riott Goes For ‘Round 2’, Joaquin Wilde’s ‘After Dark’ Beat Samples Late Night Hotlines, Jericho Headed To Sunnyvale

Ruby Riott posted the following, noting she just went in for her second shoulder surgery. Riott went under the knife in May to correct a bilateral injury in her right shoulder, and it was expected that she’d have the same on her left shoulder.

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Pat Buck posted the following, addressing the report that he’s joined WWE as a full-time producer:

Matt Riddle continues his campaign to retire Brock Lesnar, playing up the fact that they’ll both be in Toronto this weekend… as will the Bro’s other nemesis, Goldberg.

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NXT’s Joaquin Wilde posted the following video that features a mash-up of late night hotlines and old school WWF footage for a trippy new track called ‘After Dark’

Chris Jericho is set for a cameo in the Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money mobile app:

Dalton Castle made a sandwich, topping it off with a RUSH garnish ahead of their match at Summer Supercard in Toronto:

Karen Q had a bit of a post-surgery mishap, noting she almost fell and re-broke her leg that she just had surgery on. Luckily, she remembered her training and remembered to tuck her chin.

On a related note, Rachael Evers had successful surgery this week. Evers and Karen Q both went down with injuries on the same night; Karen broke her leg at NXT’s Atlanta event last weekend, while Evers went down with a knee injury in Fort Pierce, Florida: