WWE RAW Viewership Rises Heading Into SummerSlam


As reported by ShowBuzzDaily, the average viewership figures for Monday Night RAW rose this week from the July 29 episode. That show pulled in an average of 2.321 million viewers, whereas last night’s episode came out to a final average of 2.473 million viewers. Many fans were already anticipating that this would be one of the most stacked editions of the show this year, if only due to how much build up for SummerSlam they had to squeeze into such a short space of time.

The general consensus seems to be that they did a solid job of making the biggest party of the summer feel like an even bigger show, but now, it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not this Sunday’s show leaves a lasting impact and creates a big surge in viewers for RAW next week.

If nothing else, the fact that the third hour had a bigger figure than the first shows great progress.

  • 8pm – 2.411 million
  • 9pm – 2.571 million
  • 10pm – 2.438 million

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3.093 million – July 22 – 2019 High

2.125 million – June 10 – 2019 Low