Cody Rhodes Thinks There’s ‘One More In The Tank’ For Stephen Amell In Wrestling

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Bill Apter on The Apter Chat about his new book, Cody: Heart Of The Mountain as well as a number of wrestling and gaming related topics.

Cody spoke about things that shaped his childhood and getting into video games and comics as a kid, and how he didn’t immediately relate to his Dad, who was very much an outdoorsman and into sports. Cody credits Dusty for being a great Dad because he still made an effort to connect and eventually started liking the same hobbies.

“I was so a product of my generation, I was so different from what I think—my brother, he was into the outdoors. Hunting and fishing. He was really more Dusty’s son in that regard where as I had this infatuation with gaming. I wanted every system, every piece of hardware, perennial accessory, every piece of software, I was obsessed. Then I got into comic books shortly thereafter, so I was engrossed in the fantasy world. And it wasn’t something I could tell my dad—it wasn’t his wheelhouse. Being a Texas, outdoorsman type, football fan, sports fan, die-hard baseball guy, all my things I was interested in didn’t really check those boxes. But he, like great dads do, he pretended and then even got into it a little bit himself.”

Cody talked about Arrow coming to an end with the show’s ninth season, and not only praised the people behind the scenes of the show, but the show’s star (and Vigilante Club member) Stephen Amell. Cody said he can’t wait to see what Amell does next on-screen, but also thinks we haven’t seen the last of the Emerald Archer in the ring. He says he understands why Amell might not return, but he won’t let him wrestle anywhere else and says he’s very much part of the Elite.

“I was talking about this at the TCA appearances and press that we did, and I get the impression that his lovely wife is not super excited about him mixing it up in the ring again. And I got to say I fully understand that. But, I think he’d always be safe in terms of doing something with his Elite brethren, if that makes any sense. I think there’s one more in the tank for Stephen when it comes to wrestling. And I’m not gonna let him wrestle anywhere else. He’s kind of involved and he’s in the fabric.”

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