A Mystery Assailant Almost Hits Roman Reigns With A Car

Samoa Joe began RAW this week by standing on the broadcast table and claiming he’s been wrongfully accused as the guilty party in the forklift-related incident on SmackDown. Joe stated that nobody saw him when the beams fell on Roman Reigns. Joe vowed to shut down RAW until he received the apology he deserves. Later in the show, Joe returned to the ring and restated his mission.

Joe called Reigns to the ring but that didn’t work. Joe grabbed a chair and sat it in; he stated that RAW would be shut down until Reigns came to the ring and apologized. The Samoan Submission Machine hinted Reigns might be scared to face him. He also called him a coward. Joe left the ring to hunt Reigns down. Joe confronted a car in the parking lot and Reigns stepped up. A car ran into the one Reigns was driving. During a commercial, Joe called for help because this attack seemed to actually affect Reigns. Triple H also checked on Reigns.

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