Jon Moxley Vows To ‘Find A Way To Survive’ G1, Jay White Gloats After Beating Ex-WWE Star

Over the weekend, Jon Moxley was pinned for the very first time since leaving WWE. This was done by his G1 opponent Jay White and both men have now reacted to the match. Moxley vows not to give up despite losing two matches in a row while “Switchblade’ took the opportunity to brag.

“I’ve dropped two in a row,” opined Moxley. “See right about now is when most people quit. This is when most people make excuses, when most people look for the easy way out. I didn’t do this tournament because it was easy. The few, the minority, dig down a little deeper, fight a little harder and we find a way to survive.”

As one would figure, Jay White took pride in overcoming NJPW’s newest signee. “There’s not much else for me to say. I beat everyone’s new favorite hero. International superstar, certified badass, Jon Moxley,” said White. “I just put you back in that cage that you came from so everyone else can realize that you may be good compared to some other people here but when it comes to me, you learned that I am number one and far ahead of the rest.”

Check out the full video below:

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