WWE Fines Samoa Joe For Actions At Pittsburgh International Airport


Fans have many different theories regarding what happened to Roman Reigns in regards to his forklift incident, with several names being thrown around as potential attackers. With SummerSlam taking place this Sunday it seems as if the guilty party will reveal themselves at some point during the week, but for now, all we can do is continue to speculate.

One of the primary suspects is Samoa Joe, who had been embroiled in a brief feud with Roman before all of this went down. Earlier today he was questioned about what kind of role he played, and as you can see by the clip below, he didn’t react all too well.

Now, WWE has announced that they have fined Joe for his actions earlier today at Pittsburgh International Airport. As you can probably imagine, it seems inevitable that we’re going to see some kind of backlash for this when Monday Night RAW goes live in a matter of hours. Either way, though, it appears as if Joe is taking it all in his stride – judging by his reaction on Twitter.

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