WWE Hall of Famer Scheduled For SmackDown Ahead of SummerSlam Match

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is currently on the schedule to appear at tomorrow’s SmackDown ahead of her SummerSlam encounter with Charlotte Flair. The two first clashed on King’s Court on last week’s SmackDown episode, where Trish accepted Charlotte’s PPV challenge.

Since then, the feud has been taken online, with Trish changing her Twitter handle to “Queen of Queens” and comparing title reigns. You can look for some of this talk to hit TV as the two stars exchange words on this week’s show.

I took my titles from legends & Hall of Famers-not exactly the shabbiest era #GoldenEra. I beat whoever they put in front of me, and since you inserted yourself in front of me – after next Sunday, that list will include you.

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