WWE Will Reportedly Change Touring Schedule After SmackDown’s FOX Move

We’re just two months out from WWE’s big TV change up. SmackDown is moving to FOX, and it won’t just affect the network you’ll tune into to see Kofi’s WWE Championship reign. WWE will be shifting their touring schedule to accommodate the move.

As reported by PWInsider, SmackDown talent will start their week off on Friday, the day that the show airs live on the FOX network starting the first week of October. After that, the brand will have live events on Saturdays and non-PPV Sundays. This is somewhat similar to RAW’s existing schedule, which won’t be changing. That brand has live shows Friday-Sunday before broadcasting live on Monday night.

This schedule could facilitate some Wild Card-style shinanigans, although some in the company vow the brand split will be more set in stone once the TV shift occurs. In either case, it’s probably good news that SmackDown will no longer be playing to empty houses Monday nights during the RAW broadcast.

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