WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto Live Results (8/10/19)

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

LeRae attacks Shirai as soon as the bell rings. Shirai runs away. Shirai almost hits a sunset flip bomb out to the floor. Shirai settles on suplexing LeRae on the announce desk. It doesn’t break, but LeRae may have. LeRae is almost counted out. Shirai mounts LeRae and rains down vicious rights and lefts. Flapjack followed by a basement dropkick by Shirai. LeRae kicks out. LeRae tries a head scissors but Shirai lands on her feet. Shirai dropkicks LeRae. Shirai puts LeRae in a camel clutch. LeRae fights out of it. Shirai blasts LeRae with a running air raid crash. LeRae kicks out. LeRae back body drops out of a tiger driver attempts by Shirai. Shirai misses a missile dropkick off the top. LeRae fires up and hits a brainbuster. Shirai kicks out at two. LeRae locks Shirai in the octopus. Shirai gets to the ropes to break the hold. Shirai drop toe holds LeRae into the ropes.

LeRae reverses Shirai’s 619 attempt into a hangman’s neck breaker. Shirai kicks out again. Shirai hits the 619 to the back of LeRae’s neck. LeRae hits a topé into a DDT out on the floor. LeRae tosses Shirai back into the ring. LeRae drives Shirai down to the mat with a double foot stomp off the top. LeRae and Shirai trade German suplexes. LeRae tries a springboard but Shirai catches LeRae in the air and lands a German suplex hold. LeRae kicks out. Shirai lands running double knees in the corner. LeRae tries a German off the top but Shirai lands on her feet. Shirai picks up LeRae in a fireman’s carry. LeRae turns it into a reverse ranna. LeRae hits a swinging neck breaker off the second rope! Shirai won’t stay down. LeRae goes up top. Shirai cuts LeRae off. Shirai destroys LeRae with an avalanche Spanish fly. LeRae kicks out again. Shirai lands the tiger backbreaker. Shirai finally hits her moonsault. LeRae kicks out! Shirai loses it. She can’t believe it. Shirai puts LeRae in a modified Koji clutch. LeRae passes out.

Winner- Io Shirai

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